Best Anime To Watch

 In the anime world there are many good anime to watch . But there are also some anime which is famous for all time and never be forgotten by people and still never get bored . I am also one of them anime lover who never get bored after watching the same anime more the 5 times.  So, Today i am going to share the best anime to watch according to me: Dragon Ball: A martial arts and sci-fi series that follows Goku and his friends as they journey to protect the Earth from powerful foes. Known for its iconic battles, memorable characters, and influential impact on the shonen (boys' manga) genre. You can read this manga by clicking here . The story begins in Goku's childhood, where he meets Bulma, a talented young girl who is also searching for the Dragon Balls. Together, they embark on a journey filled with humour, action and exploration. Along the way, Goku trains with the wise martial arts master, Master Roshi, and competes in the World Martial Arts Tournament, where he faces pow